Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Military Sites in Retaliation for Aggression on Gaza

Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Military Sites in Retaliation for Aggression on Gaza

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Lebanon's Hezbollah said it has carried out multiple strikes against Israel's military locations on Wednesday in response to brutal aggression against Gaza.

The movement disclosed targeting Israeli soldiers and vehicles near Lebanon's southern border using Burkan rockets, resulting in casualties at Al-Raheb. Additional strikes hit various Israeli posts, including barracks, using suitable weaponry at Bayyad Blida.

Simultaneously, Israeli warplanes attacked several areas in southern Lebanon, including Beit Yahun village. Hezbollah reported five casualties, including Mohammed Raad's son, Abbas Raad, described as "martyred on the road to al-Quds (Jerusalem)."

Hezbollah released statements identifying four other fighters who were also declared martyrs. An anonymous source close to the family confirmed Abbas Raad's death, mentioning it occurred during an Israeli strike on a house in Beit Yahun.

Lebanon's National News Agency reported an Israeli airstrike on a house in Beit Yahun, resulting in four fatalities.

The conflict began on October 7 when Palestinian Resistance fighters initiated the Al-Aqsa Storm operation in response to intensified Israeli actions against Palestinians. Israel's sporadic attacks on southern Lebanon since then have led to confrontations between Israel and Hezbollah.

The Zionist forces claimed strikes on Hezbollah targets and fire sources from Lebanon, targeting a Hezbollah unit and infrastructure, as stated on Wednesday evening.

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