Journalists Urge Australian Media’s Balanced Coverage on Gaza Conflict

Journalists Urge Australian Media’s Balanced Coverage on Gaza Conflict

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Dozens of journalists have collectively penned an open letter directed at Australian news outlets, emphasizing the need for improved and balanced coverage of the conflict in Gaza.

The letter specifically urges news organizations to adopt a consistent level of professional skepticism when dealing with the Israeli regime and military sources, akin to the scrutiny applied to Hamas reports.

Highlighting the Israeli regime's role in the conflict, the letter underscores mounting evidence of potential war crimes and a documented history of disseminating misinformation. It stresses that reporting verbatim the Israeli narrative without adequate context or fact-checking is a fundamental breach of journalistic responsibility.

Emphasizing the need for balanced reporting, the letter calls for comprehensive coverage of credible allegations, including war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid. Additionally, it urges newsrooms to not avoid using the term “Palestine” where appropriate and provide historical context in referencing Hamas’s recent attack, asserting that the conflict predates the recent event of October 7.

The letter echoes the sentiments expressed by political leaders in Belgium and Spain, criticizing Israel's actions and advocating for a ceasefire and a political resolution. Pedro Sanchez, Spain's Prime Minister, has even urged for the European Union's recognition of a Palestinian state, signaling Spain's potential independent recognition.

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