Iran's Space Agency Takes Major Strides in Bio-Space Development, Says Chief

Iran's Space Agency Takes Major Strides in Bio-Space Development, Says Chief

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Head of Iran’s Space Agency Hassan Salariyeh discussed the nation's strides in "bio-space" research and development, signaling a strategic leap forward in the space exploration pursuits.

"With the thirteenth government's arrival and our country's space industry reorganization, along with a ten-year space program approval, Iran's Space Agency aims to address challenges for various space projects," Salariyeh stated in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency.

Salariyeh emphasized that Iran made efforts in the late 2000s, conducting experimental launches in this domain, but the research trend had halted in recent years.

In emphasizing the paramount importance of bio-space within Iran's space industry, Salariyeh underscored the agency's dedicated focus on advancing space sciences and exploration in this sphere. He highlighted the development and imminent launch of a 'bio-capsule' by Iranian experts at a prominent research center, marking a pivotal stride in ensuring conducive living conditions and survivability in space capsules.

The head of Iran's Space Agency emphasized the comprehensive features essential for space capsules, including regulating temperature, oxygen volume, breathable air, and resilience against thermal and acceleration shocks. He stressed the revitalization of research and development in these aspects, envisioning substantial successes in a sector pivotal for Iran's space industry.

While acknowledging the progress symbolized by Iran's development of control and monitoring systems in aerospace-related fields, Salariyeh rejected viewing the space industry as merely a display of power. He emphasized focusing on national interests and scientific growth in this field, lauding the strides made in the country.

Regarding Iran's capability to build and test a 'bio-capsule' control system, Salariyeh emphasized the nation's significant scientific achievement. He urged a steadfast focus on exploring new research avenues, emphasizing the imperative to intensify efforts in advancing the nation's space sector.

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