Thousands Seek Refuge at Gaza Hospital as Israeli Onslaught Continues

Thousands Seek Refuge at Gaza Hospital as Israeli Onslaught Continues

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - As tensions escalate once more in Gaza, the resumption of Israeli military operations has led to a surge in casualties and heightened anxieties among civilians seeking refuge at Hospitals amid renewed bombardments.

Resident Mansour Shouman, sheltering in Khan Younis, revealed to Al Jazeera the influx of people seeking refuge at Nasser Hospital amid the conflict's resurgence. Shouman expressed concern, stating, "There is a general feeling of anxiety between the civilians here, people do not know what’s going to happen next."

He reflected on the steadfastness of Palestinians in their homeland, refusing displacement despite ongoing dangers. Shouman emphasized, "Despite all challenges, Palestinians are steadfast on their land here, they don’t want any repeat of 1948 and 1967."

Israeli military actions have led to the division of Gaza into numerous small zones, where Palestinian civilians are informed of active combat. The Israeli army has instructed Palestinians to heed security updates specific to these zones, forbidding agricultural work near the separation fence.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Resistance Movement said that Israel refused an offer to release more captives and the dead bodies of an Israeli family killed in Israeli airstrikes. “We offered to hand over the bodies of the Bibas family, release their father so that he can participate in their burial, and hand over two Israeli detainees,” the group said in a statement.

Israel refused “all these offers because it had [made] a prior decision to resume its criminal aggression against the Gaza Strip,” it added.

Qatar, involved in mediating negotiations between Palestinian fighters and Israel, expressed deep regret over Israel's renewed bombardment, complicating mediation efforts and “exacerbating the humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip”.

The Qatari foreign ministry urged swift international intervention to act “quickly” to stop the violence.

Israeli airstikes Kill 32 person in Gaza

Health Ministry officials in Gaza have reported a distressing toll from Israeli airstrikes, confirming the loss of at least 32 lives across multiple regions within the Gaza Strip.

The casualties include two fatalities in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip, five in the Zaitoun and Shujaiya areas, ten in Maghazi, central Gaza Strip, one in Khan Younis city, and two in Hamad town, both situated in the southern region near Khan Younis.

Additionally, nine individuals lost their lives in Rafah, located in the southernmost part of the Gaza Strip. These casualties occurred within a span of less than three hours following the resumption of Israeli military operations.


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