Turkey Condemns Israel's Atrocities in Gaza as ‘State Terrorism’

Turkey Condemns Israel's Atrocities in Gaza as ‘State Terrorism’

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, returning from the UAE's COP28 summit, strongly condemned Israel's actions in Gaza as "state terrorism," stating Turkey "cannot stay silent against" such actions.

"Israeli officials, once known as victims of genocide, have now turned into killers of their ancestors," h said.  

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas was highlighted by Erdogan as integral to determining the besieged enclave's future.

Reports revealed that over 40,000 Palestinians have been wounded in the Israeli attacks on Gaza, with 70% being women and children. The deliberate targeting of 130 health institutions by Israel has left 20 hospitals out of service, resulting in hundreds of wounded individuals being treated on the ground due to the lack of functioning medical facilities.

Shockingly, amidst the chaos, 31 health workers have been detained, enduring harrowing conditions of torture and starvation. Tragically, nearly 280 health personnel have been killed by the Israeli military, as Gaza's hospitals, deprived of resources, are bracing for a surge in casualties each day.

A spokesman for the Independent Commission for Human Rights urged respect for Palestinians' rights and highlighted forced displacements in Khan Younis, indicating Israeli forces' attempts to relocate residents to Rafah.

The blame wasn't limited to Israel; responsibility was attributed to the US as a direct partner in decision-making, accused of enabling the Gaza situation. The Commission expressed direct condemnation toward the American president, alleging participation in Gaza's genocide.

Reports indicated over 15,500 Palestinian deaths in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes since October 7.

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