Details Emerge on Heavy Hamas Strike against Israeli Army on November 18: 10 Killed in 4 Ambushes

Details Emerge on Heavy Hamas Strike against Israeli Army on November 18: 10 Killed in 4 Ambushes

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Palestinian resistance forces in the Gaza Strip dealt a significant blow to the Israeli army during the clashes on Saturday, November 18, resulting in the deaths of ten Israeli soldiers from various units and numerous injuries, new details reveal.

Palestinian resistance forces dealt the Israeli army one of its most devastating blows in a single day. At the time, Hamas announced these operations, inflicting casualties on the Israeli army, but were heavily censored by the Israeli military.

Reports indicate that these casualties occurred during three ambushes in the north and one in the southwest of Gaza City against the Zionist regime army.

The clashes took place at several points in the northern Gaza Strip, causing five Israeli fatalities in the southern part of Gaza City. Roo’ii Beyour from the Combat Engineering Corps was killed during an operation in one of Hamas' tunnels due to a mine explosion.

Sources affiliated with Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas' military wing) later stated that 60 Israeli army forces were trapped in an ambush by Palestinian fighters on Sunday, November 19. Palestinians successfully detonated three bombs among them, and one Hamas fighter fired towards the remaining soldiers.

Israeli sources have not declared the number of casualties and injuries, but it appears a significant number of Israeli soldiers were killed in this operation in the "Juhor ad Dik" area in the northern Gaza Strip.

After seven days of ceasefire on Friday, the Zionist military resumed the war, announcing plans to expand the ground attack in the southern Gaza Strip.

As usual, Israel releases limited news related to its army during battles and imposes official censorship, leading to delayed and sporadic announcements of casualties among Israeli soldiers.

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