Spokesman Hits Back at US, UK, Canada for Sanctioning Iranian Citizens

Spokesman Hits Back at US, UK, Canada for Sanctioning Iranian Citizens

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry denounced the fresh sanctions that the US, the UK and Canada have imposed on a number of Iranian nationals as a biased and theatrical move aimed at drawing public attention away from the Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

In a statement released on Sunday, Nasser Kanaani strongly condemned the “groundless and interfering” move by the governments of the US, the UK and Canada to impose new sanctions on a number of Iranian nationals.

He noted that Iran reserves the right to take reciprocal and proportional measure in response to the sanctions.

“The countries with a dark record of colonialism and systematic violation of human rights, including the brazen violation of rights of minorities, migrants and natives in their own territories and also across the world, resort to such biased and theatrical measures (sanctions on Iran) to divert the attention of the world’s public opinion from their own anti-human actions in providing full-fledged supports for the child-murdering Zionist regime’s anti-human crimes,” Kanaani added.

He said the Western countries are committing severe cruelty to the concepts and values of human rights with their double standards.

The fake advocates of human rights, who have been globally discredited because of direct involvement in the Zionist regime’s war crimes and brutal massacre of thousands of women and children in Gaza, are in no position to comment about or judge the status of human rights in the other countries, he stated.

“The governments of the US, the UK and Canada must be held accountable for complicity in crimes considering their age-old and constant supports for the Israeli regime and the overt political, military, intelligence and media backing for the war crimes the (Zionist) regime has committed in Gaza during the past two months,” the Iranian spokesman underscored.

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