Israeli Forces Continue to Raid Medical Facilities in Gaza

Israeli Forces Continue to Raid Medical Facilities in Gaza

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Israeli forces continue their assault on hospitals in Gaza, with Kamal Adwan Hospital facing a dire situation as it remains besieged, preventing medical staff from providing care and depriving patients of essential resources.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported on the ongoing crisis at Kamal Adwan Hospital, stating that Israeli forces are still besieging the facility, hindering movement and cutting off water, food, and electricity for those inside. The dire situation includes the inability of medical staff to care for children in intensive care units, lacking even the basic necessity of water to prepare milk for infants.

The appeal for urgent action comes as the United Nations and its international institutions are called upon to intervene and protect the hospital, rescuing children, the injured, and medical personnel.

Simultaneously, reports emerge of intense fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian fighters in various parts of Gaza, particularly in Khan Younis. Al Jazeera's Hani Mahmoud reported "heavy confrontations" and clashes in the east of the city, including the Project area around the hospital.

The escalating violence has led to a tragic night for Palestinians across the Gaza Strip, with air raids and heavy artillery shelling targeting the eastern side of Rafah city. Tragically, a residential home in Khan Younis was targeted, resulting in the deaths of eight members of the al-Amoudi family and severe damage to surrounding homes.

In the midst of the chaos, Tawfik Abu Breika, an elderly Palestinian man in Gaza, lamented the ongoing destruction and loss of life. The desperation is palpable as he stated, "The world’s conscience is dead, no humanity or any kind of morals."

The humanitarian crisis extends to the healthcare sector, as hospitals in northern Gaza, including al-Ahli Arab Hospital, are unable to provide medical services. Israeli forces are reported to have opened fire on medical personnel at Kamal Adwan Hospital, further exacerbating the dire situation. The control exerted by Israel over the flow of medical aid into Gaza and the restriction on the number of patients seeking treatment abroad add to the unfolding tragedy.

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