Israeli Soldiers Filmed 'Executing’ Palestinian Civilians (+Video)

Israeli Soldiers Filmed 'Executing’ Palestinian Civilians (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An investigation ensued after a human rights group released a video of Israeli soldiers "executing" two Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

The B’Tselem human rights group accused Israeli soldiers of perpetrating "illegal executions" as security footage depicted Israeli military vehicles chasing Palestinians in the Faraa refugee camp near Tubas, reported the Associated Press.

The video showed 25-year-old Rami Jundob being fatally shot, followed by a soldier firing multiple rounds at him as he lay injured.




In a distressing sequence, Israeli soldiers then confront Thaar Shahin, 36, who sought shelter beneath a nearby car. They fatally shot Shahin at close range as he cowered underneath the vehicle, as indicated by B’Tselem's identification.

Furthermore, another video showed Israeli police officers severely assaulting the Palestinian photojournalist Mustafa Haruf in occupied East al-Quds .

A widely circulated video depicted an Israeli police officer striking Haruf with the rifle butt, while another officer forcefully pushed him against a car.

Subsequently, an officer aimed his rifle at Haruf, another applied a chokehold, forcing him to the ground, and a third knelt on Haruf's body.

Meanwhile, amidst Haruf's cries of pain, another officer repeatedly kicked the photojournalist in the head, resulting in Haruf receiving hospital treatment for injuries sustained in the unprovoked assault.

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