Yemen's Maritime Operations Significantly Impact Israeli Economy: Political Figure

Yemen's Maritime Operations Significantly Impact Israeli Economy: Political Figure

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A Senior Yemeni political figure highlighted the substantial economic repercussions of Yemeni army operations targeting vessels associated with Israel or destined for occupied Palestine.

Speaking on Sunday, Mohammed Abdulsalam emphasized the significant economic impact Yemen's operations have had on Israel. He said Yemen's Armed Forces stand firm on targeting vessels utilizing the country's territorial waters in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea to reach Israeli ports.

The Yemeni army's commitment to these operations remains tied to the continuous aggression imposed by the Israeli regime on Gaza and the ongoing siege of the coastal territory. The Israeli war has resulted in a devastating toll of approximately 19,000 Palestinian lives lost since October 7.

Abdulsalam reiterated the correlation between the Yemeni Armed Forces' actions and the imperative to lift the blockade on Gaza, stressing that access to essential supplies like food and medicine must be permitted to cease Yemen's naval operations against Israel.

International shipping firms, wary of potential Yemeni attacks, have suspended transit through Bab al-Mandab strait in the Red Sea. This move reportedly inflicted a three billion dollar blow to the Israeli economy, tripling the cost of imported goods into occupied territories.

Highlighting the Red Sea's safety for all vessels barring those associated with Israel, Abdulsalam praised a Chinese company's decision to cease sending ships to Israeli ports. He underscored Yemen's unwavering support for Palestine, describing Israel as a threat to Muslim unity based on religious, national, and moral principles.

Abdulsalam firmly stated the non-negotiable nature of the Palestinian cause. He further disclosed ongoing diplomatic efforts with influential nations aimed at achieving Yemen's objectives, primarily centered on lifting the blockade of Gaza and halting aggression against it.

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