Iraqi Islamic Resistance Targets Vital Zionist Targets in Mediterranean Operation

Iraqi Islamic Resistance Targets Vital Zionist Targets in Mediterranean Operation

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iraqi Islamic Resistance Movement recently carried out a strategic operation against Israeli targets in the Mediterranean Sea, intensifying their ongoing operations against the Zionist occupiers and extending support to the besieged people of Gaza.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq said in a statement that the operation was in response to the crimes committed by the usurping Israeli regime against Palestinian women, children, and the elderly in Gaza Strip.

It went on to say that Iraqi fighters used appropriate weapons to target a vital and sensitive Israeli target in the Mediterranean Sea a few days ago, inflicting direct casualties on the enemy.

The focal point of the attack, as confirmed by the Islamic Resistance, was the 'Karish' gas facilities under the control of the Israeli regime in the Mediterranean.

The official statement underscores an unwavering commitment to perpetuate operations aimed at destabilizing the adversary's strongholds.

Moreover, the Iraqi Resistance Movement explicitly declared an attack on the Israeli-occupied port of Eilat on Friday, emphasizing its support for the people of Gaza. Their official statement highlighted the targeting of Um Al-Rashrash (Eilat) in southern occupied Palestine as a symbolic act of solidarity with Gaza.

While specific details about the arsenals used in their operations are rarely disclosed, the movement's most significant retaliatory attacks and operations have mainly targeted American interests in Syria and Iraq.

Meanwhile, the enduring suffering in Gaza persists, enduring nearly eighty days of relentless Israeli bombardment, resulting in a devastating toll of over 20,000 lives lost during this unyielding Zionist regime assault.

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