Russia Outlines Future Vision for BRICS

Russia Outlines Future Vision for BRICS

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – BRICS should not be transformed from a gathering of states into a full-fledged organization with a secretariat, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

In an interview with the Russian channel NTV, Lavrov said “BRICS is not an organization, but an association.”

The Russian foreign minister noted that he doesn’t think anyone has any interest in turning it into “a real organization with a secretariat,” adding that “this is not necessary, at least at this stage” and in his opinion will not be needed “for a relatively long time”, RT reported.

The minister called the association “a future umbrella” noting that BRICS is “a symbol and the desire of the world’s majority to develop their initiatives, taking into account each other’s interests.”

“There are no organizations in the West that have fair rules in the sense of equality and genuine consensus,” Lavrov added, recalling a recent episode in which German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reportedly told Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to “grab a coffee” at a key meeting of EU leaders in Brussels so that he would not veto a motion to begin formal accession talks with Ukraine.

Russia will preside over BRICS in 2024; the group currently includes Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa. Starting January 1, the association will be joined by Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Argentina said it will not be joining BRICS as planned; Argentine President Javier Milei has expressed a reluctance to support economic ties with China and Brazil and is planning to work toward economic rapprochement with the US and Israel.

In total, more than 40 countries have so far expressed interest in joining BRICS, according to the 2023 chair South Africa. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said in early October that BRICS plans to compile a list of candidates for the union’s partner-state status ahead of the upcoming summit in the Russian city of Kazan in 2024. According to the official, one of the priorities of Russia's chairmanship in BRICS next year will be focusing on expanding the “circle of BRICS friends” further, including countries in Latin America as well as the increase of payments in national currencies.

In an interview with the China Media Group in October, Russian President Vladimir Putin said BRICS was being expanded in accordance with the global multipolarity principle. According to Putin, no nation wants to be on the sidelines and act on the whim of “some sovereign,” and BRICS is a platform where countries can relate to one another as equals.

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