CAIR Joins B’Tselem in Denouncing Israel’s Gaza Starvation Policy

CAIR Joins B’Tselem in Denouncing Israel’s Gaza Starvation Policy

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Council on American-Islamic Relations Joined B’Tselem in condemnation of Israel’s declared policy of starvation in Gaza.

B’Tselem asserted the situation is a direct consequence of Israel’s policy, leaving 2.2 million Gazans with almost nothing to survive on daily.

The organizations highlighted images of desperate children, people in long food lines, and residents clamoring for aid trucks, emphasizing the growing horror and risk of famine in Gaza.

CAIR called on the Biden administration to denounce the Israeli government's targeted killings of journalists in Gaza.

There's mounting global outrage over Israel's mass killings in Gaza, with more than 23,000 deaths, including civilians, UN workers, journalists, and medical personnel.

Nihad Awad, CAIR National Executive Director, criticized the administration's support for Israel’s starvation policy, branding it a violation of international law.

CAIR demanded an end to complicity in the Netanyahu government’s genocide, citing reports of desecrated cemeteries and civilian bodies scattered in Gaza streets.

The organization also condemned recent Israeli atrocities, including "torture camps" for detained Gazans, executions of Palestinian families, and targeting healthcare workers as war crimes.

The UN humanitarian chief describes Gaza as "uninhabitable" with almost 90% of the population displaced and facing Israeli-induced starvation.

Amidst these concerns, South Africa has taken Israel to the International Court of Justice, accusing it of genocide.

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