US’ Veto Power Lets Israel Continue Its Crimes: Iran UN Envoy

US’ Veto Power Lets Israel Continue Its Crimes: Iran UN Envoy

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Raising alarm about the United States’ exploitation of its veto power, Iran’s UN ambassador said it has granted the Israeli regime unchecked freedom for additional, unrestricted, and indiscriminate bombings on Gaza without any time constraints.

In a statement delivered before the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Saeed Iravani denounced the unwarranted and irresponsible use of veto by the United States.

Here is the text of his speech:

In the Name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Mr. President,

I thank you, Mr. President, for convening this important meeting, to address the pressing issue of the unwarranted and irresponsible use of veto by the United States that hindered the Security Council from fulfilling its vital duty of maintaining international peace and security.

Despite all international calls for the Security Council to fulfill its obligation and halt the bloodshed in Gaza, the Body has once again fallen short of its duties, solely due to yet another obstruction by the United States.

Unfortunately, through the veto of the proposed amendment put forth by Russia which aimed at a sustainable cessation of hostilities in Gaza, the United States has once again indicated a lack of commitment to ending the violence in Gaza and safeguarding civilian lives. Indeed, the veto granted Israel unchecked freedom for additional, unrestricted, and indiscriminate bombings on civilian infrastructure and the population of Gaza without any time constraints.

Each passing day of the war in Gaza exacerbates human suffering and destruction as the Israeli regime continues its relentless bombardments and genocidal aggression against innocent people in Gaza.

As a result of huge attacks almost all residential parts of the strip have been destroyed, no place in Gaza is safe, and an imminent risk of a total collapse of the humanitarian support system is still valid.

The obstruction by the United States of the Council's Charter duties starkly contrasts with global appeals for an end to the bloodshed, defies the inherent human nature to preserve life, and violates fundamental principles of international law, including humanitarian and human rights law.

Mr. President,

Iran notes the adoption of the Security Council Resolution 2720, upon which the Council urges facilitating the use of all available routes to and throughout the entire Gaza Strip, including border crossings. Further, Iran acknowledges the appointment of Her Excellency Sigrid Kaag as Senior Humanitarian and Reconstruction Coordinator for Gaza pursuant to Security Council Resolution 2720 (2023) and would like to offer its full cooperation in fulfilling her mandate.

We hope that the newly established monitoring mechanism outlined in the resolution will carry out its mandate efficiently, free from any obstruction or interference by the Israeli regime. Additionally, we look forward to the Secretary-General's timely reporting to the Council on the implementation of the resolution.

And lastly Mr. President, we are of the firm believe that the only practical way to proceed is to prevent and stop the criminal and genocide aggression against innocent civilians in Gaza, establish a sustainable and durable ceasefire, ensure access to humanitarian assistance on a large scale, and halt the forced displacement of the People in the Gaza Strip.

Without a sustainable ceasefire, the tragedy worsens, leading to the loss of innocent lives, including children, and women. Further, Israel shall be punished for all its international wrongdoings, which have put the whole region on fire. The United States faces a critical choice: it can either persist in its current trajectory, or it can choose to refrain from providing unconditional support. Without such support, Israel would encounter difficulties in sustaining its actions of mass violence and genocide against the Palestinian population.

I thank you.

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