Yemen Warns of Naval Retaliation across Seas amid Ongoing Israeli War

Yemen Warns of Naval Retaliation across Seas amid Ongoing Israeli War

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Yemen said it can "sink" enemy ships in the Red, Arabian, and Mediterranean Seas, considering its support for Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing Israeli war.

Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein al-Ezzi, emphasizing Yemen's maritime strength, leaves the door open for potential actions while expressing a commitment to peace.

"By the power of God, we are able to sink ships and battleships (from any point on the Yemeni mainland to any point in the Red, Arabian, and Mediterranean Seas)," stated al-Ezzi in a post on X.

"But we leave that for another time," he added, underscoring the Yemeni commitment to pursuing peace with minimal escalation.

Yemen's Armed Forces continued its targeted strikes against ships with ties to Israel or en route to Palestinian ports under occupation. These operations are framed as responses to the Israeli regime's ongoing war and blockade imposed on Gaza since October 7, 2023.

"We are still keen on peace with the least amount of escalation possible," al-Ezzi emphasized.

The Israeli war has resulted in a devastating toll, with nearly 26,300 Palestinians, predominantly women, children, and adolescents, losing their lives in the relentless onslaught.

Yemeni forces remain steadfast in their commitment to these operations as long as Israel persists in its military campaign. Notably, American and British vessels have been among the targets, with a recent strike announced against a British oil tanker bound for occupied territories.

In response to Yemen's actions, the United States and the UK have conducted multiple missile attacks against Yemeni targets. Al-Ezzi concluded, stating, "Sana'a will certainly encourage the required adjustments in American behavior towards our country and Palestine."

The United States has consistently supported the Israeli war effort, supplying the regime with over 10,000 tons of military hardware and using its veto power to block United Nations Security Council resolutions calling for an end to Israeli aggression.

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