Iranian Firm Unveils Launch Timeline for Satellites Kowsar, Hodhod

Iranian Firm Unveils Launch Timeline for Satellites Kowsar, Hodhod

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Mustafa Aghili, the executive director of the Iranian satellite manufacturing firm OmidFaza, disclosed the eagerly awaited launch schedule for the private satellites Kowsar and Hodhod, stating that the ambitious venture is set to take place in May-June 2024.

"After successfully registering the Omid satellite project in our portfolio, OmidFaza decided to continue satellite manufacturing privately. Therefore, we initiated the design and construction of the Kowsar satellite," Aghili explained, addressing reporters.

"To execute this project," Aghili continued, "we were able to pre-sell images of the Kowsar satellite through collaboration with some institutions, and ultimately, it was designed and built with collective investment."

Highlighting recent developments, Aghili pointed out, "Recently, the Space Organization, by signing a contract, pre-purchased images of the Kowsar satellite and secured the satellite's functionality."

Emphasizing the growing confidence in OmidFaza, Aghili noted, "On the other hand, others observed our capabilities and gradually gained confidence in us."

Aghili revealed, "Based on this, an organization commissioned us to design and build the Hodhod satellite, making it the client of the Hodhod satellite project."

"If the Hodhod project is completed," he added, "the path for integrating these satellites will open up."

Referring to the launch plans, Aghili explained, "It is planned that the Kowsar and Hodhod satellites will be placed in orbit by a foreign launcher."

"The construction of the Kowsar satellite took 4 years," Aghili highlighted, "and with the experience gained from this satellite, we were able to build the Hodhod satellite in one year."

Aghili added, "Currently, these two satellites are in the assembly testing phase."

Regarding the launch time, Aghili reminded, "These two satellites were supposed to be launched in Azar (November-December) of the current year, but their launch time has been delayed by 6 months."

He added, "We conducted a test phase in Russia with the hope that these satellites would be launched in Azar of the current year, but the launch was delayed. If it is supposed to take place in Khordad (May-June) of next year, once again, in Ordibehesht (April) of next year, we will assemble the satellite in Russia and perform the necessary tests."

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