US, UK Launch Fresh Airstrikes on Yemen's Hudaydah Province

US, UK Launch Fresh Airstrikes on Yemen's Hudaydah Province

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Military forces from the US and the UK have conducted fresh aerial aggression on Yemeni territories, specifically targeting several areas within Hudaydah Province.

The strikes, carried out on Friday morning, hit Al-Jabana, Al-Taif, and Al-Kathib regions in the western province, as reported by Yemen's al-Masirah TV.

The full extent of the damage resulting from these airstrikes is not yet determined.

This aggression follows a series of strikes by the US on Yemeni forces' positions, claiming to have been aimed at safeguarding navigation freedom in the Red Sea, confirmed by US officials on the preceding day.

Yemenis have expressed solidarity with Palestine's resistance against the Israeli occupation, particularly since the outbreak of a devastating war in Gaza on October 7.

Yemeni Armed Forces have vowed to persist in their attacks until the cessation of relentless Israeli ground and aerial assaults in Gaza, which have claimed 27,948 lives and injured tens of 67,459 more.

In December, the United States and Britain announced a military coalition targeting Yemen in support of Israeli genocidal war in Gaza, drawing reservations from some allies, notably European nations, regarding Washington's leadership.

Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, leader of Yemen's Ansarullah, asserted on Thursday that Yemen's actions against Israeli-linked vessels represent a significant triumph.

He accused the US and UK of joining the conflict to assist Israel in its crimes against Gaza, dismissing claims of supporting navigation freedom in the Red Sea as pretextual.

Al-Houthi pledged to continue military efforts as long as Palestinian suffering persists, vowing to expand missile and drone operations and readiness activities.


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