Iran Among World’s Top 5 Steam Turbine Manufacturers

Iran Among World’s Top 5 Steam Turbine Manufacturers

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran is among the leading five countries in the field of manufacturing power plant turbines, thanks to the nonstop and unflinching efforts of its domestic experts after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Presently, more than 91% of the components and equipment needed in the power plant construction industry are manufactured by the domestic engineers in Iran, obviating the need for imports.

The electricity generation is considered as one of the vital and infrastructural industries which plays a key role in the development of other industries and the economic growth.

A glance at the trend of development of thermal power plants in Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution shows that the installed capacity of these units has surpassed 74,000 megawatts after 1979, registering a 16-fold increase compared to the pre-Revolution period, IRNA reported.

Presently, 623 thermal electricity generation units in 141 power plants fulfill more than 94 percent of the country’s demand for electricity.

Given the significance of sustainable electricity generation, the relentless efforts of the local experts and engineers have put Iran among the world’s top five countries in the field of manufacturing steam turbines.

Iran used to import the smallest components required for the construction of power plants from abroad before the Islamic Revolution, but presently, the country is able to manufacture various power plant parts and equipment by itself.

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