Renowned Pianist Emphasizes Significance of Academic Education in Music

Renowned Pianist Emphasizes Significance of Academic Education in Music

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Renowned pianist and composer Hayk Melikyan, highlighted the crucial role of academic education in his musical journey during a recent interview with Tasnim News agency.

Melikyan, hailed as a "musician poet" by a Dutch media outlet, graced the stage at Rudaki Hall for the 39th Fajr Music Festival, enthralling the audience with his piano recital featuring works by Armenian composers.

Melikyan, known for his profound understanding and interpretation of classical music, received a warm reception from music enthusiasts and Armenian compatriots alike, who gathered to witness his performance in Tehran’s Rudaki hall.

Melikyan's journey in music began at a young age, with his talent for the piano evident from the age of six. His dedication to his craft and commitment to music education have been pivotal in shaping his career. He attributes much of his success to his mentor, Alexander Gourgenov, who not only imparted musical knowledge but also instilled in him a deep appreciation for the art form.

Having studied at the Komitas Conservatory, Melikyan understands the importance of academic and professional education in advancing a musician's career.

In an interview before his performance, Melikyan shared insights into his musical journey and perspective on contemporary music.

He emphasized the need for complete dedication to music, stating, "The genre of classical music requires complete dedication, and no other thoughts should occupy your mind. You should only think about music, enjoy music, and live in music."

He also expressed his deep connection to music, stating, "The music of the 21st century is a part of me." Melikyan emphasized the importance of dedication and focus in his career, highlighting the influence of his mentor, Alexander Gourgenov, in shaping his artistic path.

Reflecting on his educational background, Melikyan credited academic education as essential for musicians, emphasizing the need for dedication and passion in pursuing a career in music. He shared his experience of participating in music competitions, which he credited for changing his life and propelling him towards contemporary music composition.

Melikyan also discussed his collaboration with Naxos Grand Piano company, emphasizing its role in promoting classical Armenian music globally. Through his albums and performances, he has been able to showcase the rich heritage of Armenian music and composers to a global audience.

He spoke about his passion for teaching and conducting educational workshops worldwide, stating, "I enjoy the teaching process; one of my passions is teaching."

In addition to his performances, Melikyan is also dedicated to music education and conducts workshops worldwide. He believes in the importance of passing on knowledge and inspiring the next generation of musicians.

Reflecting on the cultural similarities between Iran and Armenia, Melikyan notes the common backgrounds in music and the shared appreciation for traditional melodies. He commended the beauty and purity of Iranian music, highlighting the similarities in the music of Sayat-Nova, a famous Armenian musician, and local Iranian music.

Melikyan's performance at the Fajr Music Festival was met with enthusiasm and appreciation from the audience, showcasing his artistry and dedication to music. Melikyan's presence added to the diverse range of performances that have captivated audiences from around the world.

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