Iran to Be Voice of Palestine in UNHRC Meeting: Envoy

Iran to Be Voice of Palestine in UNHRC Meeting: Envoy

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s ambassador to Geneva-based UN offices said the country will be the voice of Palestinians in the upcoming annual session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

In an exclusive interview with Tasnim, Ali Bahraini pointed to plans for Iran’s participation in the 55th regular session of the Human Rights Council, which will take place from February 26 to April 5 in Switzerland’s Geneva.

“In the 55th session of the Human Rights Council, the Islamic Republic of Iran will be the voice of the oppressed people of Palestine along with (other) Islamic and like-minded countries that support the Palestinian people,” the Iranian envoy said.

He stressed that the advocates of humanity and freedom across the world have a duty to prevent the normalization of Israeli crimes against Palestine.

Bahraini noted that the Zionist regime’s onslaught on Gaza encompasses all types of crimes that may be committed in a crisis.

“There is not a single crime the (Israeli) regime has not committed,” he said.

The Iranian ambassador also lashed out at the US for backing the Israeli regime’s atrocities in several arenas, including its prevention of effective measures by the third parties to stop the Israeli crimes.

Giving an example, the envoy said the US and the UK have been launching blind, yet ineffective, strikes against Yemen to halt the Yemeni people’s support for Palestine.

Asked about the UNHRC’s role in putting an end to the Gaza war, Bahraini said the current world order has proved to be “flawed and ineffectual” in dealing with the crisis of Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territories and addressing the Zionist regime’s crimes after October 7.

In remarks on December 23, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei denounced the West and the US for their false claims of human rights.

“Today, everyone is aware of these masquerades. They know what the truth is behind their use of words like ‘human rights’ and such things. The hideous, monstrous, evil faces of the US and England have been revealed to everyone in the world,” the Leader stated.

At least 29,606 Palestinians have been killed and 69,737 injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7.

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