Iran's to Launch Pars-2 Satellite by Mach 2025

Iran's to Launch Pars-2 Satellite by Mach 2025

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran's Space Agency has unveiled a plan to launch the Pars-2 satellite by the end of the upcoming Iranian calendar year, which concludes on March 21, 2025.

Head of Iran's Space Agency Hassan Salariyeh confirmed that the design and construction of the Pars-2 satellite will be finalized within the next year, ensuring its readiness for launch. The Pars-2 satellite is distinguished by its remarkable imaging accuracy of 8 meters.

Salariyeh made these remarks during a press conference held following the successful launch of the Pars-1 satellite. He highlighted that Pars-1 was launched into orbit by the Russian Soyuz satellite carrier, accompanied by nearly 18 other primary satellites.

Salariyeh underscored the competitive landscape of global satellite launches, and elaborated on the Pars satellite, characterizing it as an optical imaging satellite tailored for capturing high-resolution images of Earth's surface, with resolutions spanning 5 to 15 meters. These capabilities render it invaluable for applications in meteorology and agriculture.

Salariyeh reaffirmed the agency's dedication to serving various industries, citing ongoing satellite projects like Pars-1, Tolou-3, Zafar-2, Pars-2, and Pars-3, each tailored with specific resolutions for distinct purposes.

He disclosed that out of the recent 11 launches, 10 were domestic, with the twelfth being international. Despite the delay, Pars-1 was successfully launched.

Looking ahead, Salariyeh expressed optimism about future launches from the Chabahar Space Center, stating, "God willing, from next year, we will have sun-synchronous launches."

He concluded by restating the completion timeline for Pars-2's design and construction, highlighting its 8-meter imaging accuracy.

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