Iran Has Potential to Become Regional Hub of Energy: President

Iran Has Potential to Become Regional Hub of Energy: President

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Expressing Iran’s readiness to become a regional energy hub, President Ebrahim Raisi said the country could turn into a safe route for the transfer and distribution of natural gas among suppliers and consumers.

Addressing the 7th summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Algeria on Saturday, Raisi highlighted Iran’s huge reserves of natural gas, transit capacities and advanced technology.

He noted that those advantages have formed Iran’s strategy of increasing the production and export of natural gas and facilitating the regional nations’ access to this clean and value-creating energy.

"We are ready to become an energy hub as well as a safe route for the distribution and transit of gas between producers and consumption markets," the president said.

He noted that the capacities created in Iran's gas industry are a suitable ground for the cooperation of member countries of the assembly in the upstream and downstream areas of natural gas and its trade, his official website reported.

"I am using the opportunity to invite international investors and investors from member countries of the Forum to participate in the projects of Iran's energy sector, including the projects of the natural gas industry," he added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Raisi condemned the continuation of the crimes committed by the Zionist regime against the Palestinians in Gaza and the support of the Americans and some Western countries for this genocide.

Presenting practical solutions and suggestions to stop the killing machine of the Zionist regime, he stated, "The current war is the confrontation of the axis of evil against the axis of honor. On one side of the front, there is an army that is waiting for more and stronger weapons and bombs from America, and on the other side of the front, there are children who miss a bite of bread. Those who remain silent today will be slapped hard tomorrow. Today, Palestine is the yardstick of humanity, morality and conscience of human society."

“The United Nations Security Council, which is designated as the guarantor of peace and security according to the United Nations Charter, has been unable to establish a ceasefire due to the relentless support of the United States for the Zionist regime's war machine. America has left no stone unturned in its political support and financial, weapon and media support to the organized terrorism of the Zionist regime, and American and European bombs are taking revenge on the cause of Palestine. If America and Europe are really looking for peace and security and non-expansion of war, they should stop lying and hypocrisy and stop sending weapons and bombs that kill Palestinians,” the Iranian president said.

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