200 Cyber Attacks Thwarted Ahead of Iran Elections: Civil Defense Chief

200 Cyber Attacks Thwarted Ahead of Iran Elections: Civil Defense Chief

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali said approximately 200 cyber-attacks, ranging from minor to significant, were successfully thwarted in the month leading up to the parliamentary elections in the country.

During a TV broadcast, Jalali stated that ensuring cyber security during the recent elections, which required substantial online communication and identity verification, was a tough but effective endeavor.

He added that three significant national events, namely the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the night of mid-Sha'ban (the 15th day of the lunar month of Shaban, which commemorates the birth anniversary of the 12th Shiite imam, Imam Mahdi (AS)), and the elections, were all thoroughly secured.

He emphasized the elections' successful conduct despite attempts at psychological warfare and media campaigns to deter participation.

"However, the country's security focus ensured a very calm election with high levels of tranquility," Jalali noted.

Jalali elaborated that the focus was primarily on identity verification, especially within the realm of communications and cyberspace.

"We aimed for a communication establishment rate of 99.8%, which was achieved despite threats and the turbulent environment that existed," he explained.

Regarding the cyber attacks, Jalali stated, "Within a month leading up to the elections, we witnessed nearly 200 cyber attacks of various kinds and magnitudes."

"During this period, we encountered 4 or 5 major attacks, which were controlled and repelled by our colleagues in the security departments," Jalali continued.

"Other attacks were effectively neutralized by the expert work of the communications ministry's specialists."

Jalali determined that Iran had been subjected to at least 100 DDoS attacks in the previous six months, the majority of which came from overseas and were targeted at disrupting citizens' services.

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