Iraqi Resistance Strikes Israeli Airport in Solidarity with Palestinians

Iraqi Resistance Strikes Israeli Airport in Solidarity with Palestinians

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has targeted the Ben Gurion Airport in occupied Palestine, expressing continued support for Palestinians in Gaza amid a deadly conflict.

The Iraqi umbrella group of anti-terror groups said in a statement on Monday that it has struck the Israeli regime's main airport in continued support for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are enduring a genocidal US-backed Israeli war.

"The fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, this evening, Monday, 11-3-2024, targeted Ben Gurion Airport deep within the usurping entity by drone," the statement read.

The resistance accompanied the statement with footage of the operation, which saw the aircraft releasing a projectile upon reaching above its designated target.

The coalition has been staging many such attacks since October 7, when the regime launched the war in response to al-Aqsa Storm, a surprise retaliatory operation by Gaza's resistance movements against the occupied territories.

So far during the military onslaught, the regime has killed more than 31,112 Gazans, most of them women and children.

Completing the statement, the Iraqi resistance said by targeting the Israeli airport, it had "affirmed that we will continue to strike enemy strongholds, in completion of the second phase of operations to confront the occupation and support our people in Gaza, and in response to the Zionist massacres against unarmed Palestinian civilians."

Earlier this month, the coalition announced targeting the Haifa Airport in the northern part of the occupied territories in yet another pro-Palestinian operation.

The group has also staged numerous attacks against bases housing American occupation forces in Iraq and neighboring Syria in protest at the United States' unreserved political, military, and intelligence support for the Israeli war."

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