Yemeni Forces Strike US-Owned Ship in Red Sea, Vow to Intensify Retaliation

Yemeni Forces Strike US-Owned Ship in Red Sea, Vow to Intensify Retaliation

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Yemeni Armed Forces' spokesman announced a retaliatory strike against a container ship in the Red Sea, affirming the accuracy of the missiles' impact on the vessel.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree declared the operation targeted a "US-owned ship" in solidarity with Palestinians suffering in Gaza due to Israeli aggression. The strike was also a response to US and British airstrikes on Yemen.

Earlier reports from the US Central Command confirmed Yemeni forces launched two anti-ship ballistic missiles at the Pinocchio, a Liberian-flagged container ship, in the Red Sea.

Saree asserted on Tuesday that military operations against Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea and Bab el-Mandeb strait would intensify during Ramadan, in support of besieged Palestinians.

He emphasized the Yemeni Armed Forces' commitment to preventing vessels with ties to Israel or heading to occupied territories from traversing the Red Sea and Arabian Sea, until the Israeli assault on Gaza ceases and the blockade ends.

Yemen's staunch support for Palestine amid Israeli aggression has led to continued retaliatory strikes by the Yemeni Armed Forces, disrupting major maritime trade routes.

The attacks have compelled significant shipping and oil companies to halt transit through crucial maritime passages. Tankers are now circumnavigating Africa, adding considerable mileage to their routes, rather than using the Suez Canal.

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, a senior member of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council, has urged Arab nations to provide weapons and munitions to Gaza via airdrops, citing the dire situation caused by the Israeli military campaign.

Al-Houthi emphasized the urgency of the situation, urging Arab governments to act swiftly to arm the Palestinian population, as existing international mechanisms have failed to halt Israeli atrocities.

He further called on Arab states to deploy paratroopers into Gaza to quell massacres and alleviate the humanitarian crisis, presenting an opportunity for Arab nations to demonstrate solidarity and assistance.

Since the initiation of Israel's genocidal war following Operation al-Aqsa Storm in October 2023, over 31,000 Palestinians, including numerous civilians, have lost their lives. The Israeli war has ravaged Gaza, leaving infrastructure in ruins and displacing half of its population.

Israel's blockade has exacerbated the situation, depriving Gazans of essential resources such as fuel, electricity, and water.

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