Iran, China, Russia Engage Targets in Joint Maritime Security Belt Exercise

Iran, China, Russia Engage Targets in Joint Maritime Security Belt Exercise

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Maritime Security Belt- 2024 exercise saw active participation from China, Russia, and Iran, involving live firing at designated surface targets on Tuesday.

Various vessels and fast attack boats from the IRGC Naval Force are involved in the exercise, along with soldiers from the Islamic Republic Army.

The IRGC Naval Force enhanced its capabilities by introducing newly added vessels to the exercise, marking their inaugural participation in operational activities. These vessels are equipped for extended ocean missions, ensuring prolonged naval presence, and are armed with the latest domestically developed advanced weaponry.

The commander of the Imam Ali (AS) Naval Base of the IRCG Navy Rear Admiral Amrollah Nozari stated, "We took part in this exercise with 3 vessels and 2 fast attack crafts, covering an area of 17,000 square kilometers. This area includes three of the world's five strategic straits, located in the northern Indian Ocean region, which is a crucial hub for energy and trade traffic globally."

Admiral Nozari explained that the primary objective of this exercise is to " enhance regional security," foster broader multilateral cooperation among participating nations, and showcase the benevolence and prowess of these countries in upholding global peace, as well as ensuring maritime security, and forging a maritime community with a collective destiny, endeavors vigorously pursued by the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He further stated that the exercise includes a variety of tactical maneuvers such as rescuing fire-damaged vessels, liberating hijacked vessels, targeting of specific objectives, conducting night-time aerial target practice, and other tactical and operational drills.

Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajeddini, the spokesperson for the joint military exercise, also stated that the naval units of Iran, China, and Russia conducted the 'Photo Ex' exercise and offensive formations.

Tajeddini emphasized Iran's commitment to enhancing its international status through participation in international coalitions, stating, "Ensuring security at the regional and international levels is crucial for Iran."

The operational phases of the Maritime Security Belt - 2024, involving Iranian, Chinese, and Russian naval units, commenced in the North Indian Ocean and the Sea of Oman following a briefing session held on Tuesday. The maneuvers are scheduled to continue for two days.

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