Israeli Bombing in Gaza Kills Twelve Mostly Women, Children

Israeli Bombing in Gaza Kills Twelve Mostly Women, Children

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Twelve people were killed in an Israeli airstrike targeting a residence in Deir el-Balah, situated in the central Gaza Strip.

Most of the casualties, predominantly women and children, were documented by the Wafa news agency. Videos shared by Palestinian photographer Omar Al-Dirawi captured the aftermath, revealing wounded individuals, particularly children, being transported to medical facilities in Deir el-Balah.

The grim scenes depicted in social media videos, verified by Al Jazeera, portray injured children, some bearing blood and grey dust, being rushed into hospitals for urgent care.

Another tragedy unfolded as Israeli warplanes struck a seven-story residential building in proximity to al-Shifa Hospital, Gaza Strip's largest medical facility. The attack resulted in numerous casualties, both fatalities, and injuries, according to Wafa reports.

Further Israeli strikes hit residential areas across Gaza City, including Al-Jalaa Street and the Al-Tuffah neighborhood, where civilians suffered fatalities and injuries. The assault extended to the Al-Nasr neighborhood, claiming additional civilian lives.

In Beit Hanoun, located in the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes targeted multiple zones, while in Rafah, a populated house became a target, resulting in civilian casualties.

Since the commencement of the Israeli offensive on October 7, casualties in the Gaza Strip have mounted significantly, with the death toll surpassing 31,000 Palestinians and over 73,000 others sustaining injuries.

Compounding the crisis, the Tel Aviv regime has enforced a stringent blockade on the territory, severely restricting access to essential resources such as fuel, electricity, food, and water, affecting the livelihoods of over two million Palestinians residing in the enclave.

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