Iran Unveils Plans to Deter Israeli Airstrikes on Syria

Iran Unveils Plans to Deter Israeli Airstrikes on Syria

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Iranian defense minister condemned the violation of Syria’s territorial integrity by the Zionist regime, saying urgent plans have been drawn up to create deterrence against the Israeli airstrikes.

In a meeting with his Syrian counterpart in Tehran on Saturday, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani denounced the Israeli aerial attacks that violate Syria’s territorial integrity.

He said such cowardly attacks that reveal the Zionist regime’s fear have been launched under the pretext of countering the axis of resistance, but are aimed at destroying infrastructures such as airports and ports as well as the food and fuel convoys.

“The important and strategic point in warding off the Zionist regime’s strikes is the creation of deterrence. Therefore, the necessary and urgent measures and planning are on the agenda to prevent that regime’s rudeness,” Ashtiani stated.

He assured Syria of Iran’s unwavering support in accordance with a long-term strategy, saying Tehran will employ all of its capacities to boost the defense and deterrent power of Damascus in the same way that it stood by the Arab nation in the war on terrorism.

The Iranian minister also decried the illegal, unjustified and occupation-style presence of American military forces in Syria, saying it contravenes the UN Charter and the international law and has resulted in instability, insecurity and displacement of millions of people in Syria.

For his part, Syrian Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas described resistance, the improvement of defense capabilities, and stronger bilateral cooperation as the best ways for deterrence against the enemies.

He also condemned the US’ illegal presence in his country, saying the American military presence has bolstered the terrorist and secessionist groups in Syria.

Mahmoud Abbas further denounced the US’ support for the Zionist regime in its onslaught on Gaza, saying Washington has realized how weak Israel is.

After failing to achieve its objectives in the war on Gaza, the Israeli regime has begun to escalate tensions in Syria and Lebanon under the pretext that the resistance axis and Iran are supporting the Palestinian people, he added.

Israel launched a bloody war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023. It has also violated Syria’s airspace several times during its campaign.

At least 31,553 Palestinians have been killed and 73,546 injured in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7.

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