Iraqi Islamic Resistance Targets Israeli Military Headquarters with Drone Strike

Iraqi Islamic Resistance Targets Israeli Military Headquarters with Drone Strike

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - The Islamic Resistance in Iraq said it launched a drone strike early Sunday targeting the headquarters of the Israeli regime's ministry for military affairs in the occupied territories.

In a statement released on its Telegram channel, the Iraqi umbrella group of anti-terror factions declared, “The fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq conducted a drone strike at dawn today, targeting the headquarters building of the Israeli ministry for military affairs in the occupied territories.”

“This qualitative operation comes in these blessed nights to confirm our continuation of destroying enemy strongholds and our completion of the second phase of operations to resist the occupation, which will escalate during the blessed month of Ramadan, in support of our people in Gaza, and in response to the Zionist massacres against defenseless Palestinian civilians,” it added.

Recent weeks have seen the Islamic Resistance in Iraq conducting significant operations, including multiple assaults on Ben Gurion Airport, a power plant in Tel Aviv, and key Israeli ports, all in support of Gaza's population. Additionally, the group has vowed to maintain pressure on Israeli targets until the regime ceases its atrocities in Gaza and ends its genocidal campaign against Palestinian civilians.

The resistance's activities have drawn attention not only to Israel but also to the United States, with strikes reported against American military installations in Syria and Iraq. Amid mounting outrage over US backing of Israeli crimes in Gaza, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq remains resolute in its mission to confront aggression against Palestinians.

The ongoing Israeli war in Gaza has resulted in staggering casualties, with over 32,000 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, killed, and more than 74,000 injured since hostilities began. Israel's imposition of a comprehensive siege on the territory has exacerbated humanitarian conditions, depriving residents of essential resources such as fuel, electricity, food, and water.

Abu Alaa Al-Walae, the secretary-general of the Sayyed Al-Shuhada Brigades in Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces, hailed the Islamic Resistance in Iraq as a vital component of the Axis of Resistance, emphasizing its crucial role in opposing Zionist aggression.

“The Islamic Resistance has set the most difficult goal within its commitment in the face of the Zionist genocide that Gaza is subjected to, and it will reach it by Allah's will, which is to strike the ports and facilities of the entity in the Mediterranean, including refineries, bases, and airports, as well as power generation stations. Time is in favor of the resistance; indeed, it is the era of resistance,” Al-Walae stated

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