Iranian Official Urges IFLA’s Firm Stance Against Israeli Crimes in Gaza

Iranian Official Urges IFLA’s Firm Stance Against Israeli Crimes in Gaza

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Secretary General of Iran Public Libraries Foundation in a letter to President of International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) called for IFLA firm stance against ongoing Israeli crime against Palestinian people in Gaza.

The full text of the letter by Mahdi Ramezani is as follows:

Mrs. Vicki McDonald

President, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)


I hope this letter finds you well. As the Secretary General of the Iran Public Libraries Foundation, I am writing to express our deep concerns and condemnation regarding the recent Israeli invasions and the grave humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza City.

As an institution dedicated to upholding the values and principles espoused by IFLA, including responsibilities towards individuals and society, neutrality, personal integrity, open access, intellectual property, and numerous international conventions, we find it distressing that Israel has intensified its pressures on women and children, resulting in a significant loss of life. Tragically, over 40,000 people, including women, children, and journalists, have been killed and displaced as a result of these invasions.

Equally disheartening is the extensive destruction of libraries and archive centers in the region. These cultural institutions play a vital role in preserving knowledge and cultural heritage, and they are crucial for developing dialogue and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, under the current circumstances, meaningful discussions on SDGs become difficult to pursue.

In light of IFLA's commitment to freedom, justice, and human rights, we earnestly request that IFLA takes a strong and resolute stance against these egregious violations. We implore IFLA to leverage its influence to condemn the actions of Israel, advocate for freedom of information, and safeguard the rights of all individuals affected by this crisis.

Furthermore, we kindly urge IFLA to engage with the United Nations and actively support efforts to secure a ceasefire in favor of the Palestinian people. By collaborating with the UN, IFLA can amplify its voice and contribute to the pursuit of peace, freedom, justice, and the protection of human rights.

We appreciate your attention to this urgent matter and eagerly await your response. We trust that IFLA will demonstrate its unwavering commitment to freedom, justice, and human rights during these challenging times.


Kind regards,

Mahdi Ramezani


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