Iraqi Resistance Fighters Respond to Gaza Crisis with Strikes on Israeli Targets

Iraqi Resistance Fighters Respond to Gaza Crisis with Strikes on Israeli Targets

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Fighters affiliated with Iraq’s Islamic Resistance umbrella anti-terror group launched attacks on five Israeli targets in a show of support for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are facing a devastating Israeli war.

The strikes, announced in two statements early Tuesday, were carried out by the resistance group as a continuation of their stance against the Israeli occupation and in solidarity with Palestinians suffering from the violence inflicted by the occupying entity.

In their statements, the resistance condemned the atrocities committed by Israel, particularly emphasizing the targeting of Palestinian civilians, including vulnerable groups such as children, women, and the elderly.

The targets of the attacks included significant locations such as the "Asqalan oil port" in central occupied territories and the "Hatzerim Airbase" in Beersheba, located in the south-central part of the territories. The group utilized what they termed as "appropriate weapons" for these operations.

Emphasizing their commitment to ongoing resistance, the group pledged to continue such strikes as long as the Israeli regime persists in its aggressive actions against Gaza.

The Israel war on Gaza began on October 7, following an operation by Gaza's resistance groups. The ongoing Israeli war has led to a devastating loss of life, with more than 33,200 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, killed in the Zionist regime's brutal military onslaught.

Iraqi fighters have been actively engaging in operations against various targets across the occupied territories since the onset of the war. Recent operations include three anti-Israeli attacks targeting barracks and military installations in Syria's Tel Aviv-occupied Golan Heights, as well as in the occupied territories themselves.

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