Iran to Host International Nuclear Conference in June

Iran to Host International Nuclear Conference in June

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran's Atomic Energy Organization announced plans to host an international nuclear conference in June.

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Mohammad Eslami highlighted the significance of the event, emphasizing its three-part structure and the participation of delegates from 30 countries.

Speaking to reporters, Eslami discussed various initiatives related to the nuclear industry, including Iran's role as the host of an upcoming nuclear conference. Set to take place in June, the conference will include an opening ceremony, panel discussions, and a closing session spotlighting Iran's accomplishments in the field. With submissions from various nations, the conference aims to foster dialogue and knowledge exchange among experts and stakeholders.

Eslami revealed that 34 guests from 30 countries are expected to attend the conference. He expressed optimism regarding the conference's outcome and its potential to facilitate fruitful discussions on matters related to peaceful nuclear technology.

Speaking about domestic achievements, he highlighted the performance of the Bushehr power plant, lauding its record-breaking electricity generation and efficiency. Despite upcoming maintenance work, he assured that the plant would resume operations promptly, maintaining its position as a key contributor to Iran's energy sector.

"The Bushehr power plant has had the best performance and efficiency. We have set a record for electricity generation, producing over 7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, the highest production rate ever. It has received the highest rank in evaluations, becoming the first in 2023. The plant will be temporarily out of service for refueling in the coming days, and God willing, it will be back online," he said.

Moreover, he outlined efforts to address societal challenges, particularly in the medical field. By prioritizing research and development, he said that Iran aims to enhance the accuracy of diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals and improve treatment effectiveness. Stressing the establishment of plasma clinics signifies as a step towards providing advanced medical care, particularly for conditions like diabetic wounds, he said that Iran is determined to establish 50 plasma clinics.

In response to reporters’ questions about sanctions, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization reaffirmed Iran's resilience in the face of external pressures. "We have a radiopharmaceutical company in Iran which is under sanctions. Basically, human rights mean nothing to the West, and human lives mean nothing to them,” he added.

Eslami said that Iran has managed to become a “pole in radiopharmaceuticals in the region” on a self-reliant basis, and this year it will establish “the largest radiopharmaceutical production center”.

Despite challenges, Iran remains committed to advancing its radiopharmaceutical capabilities independently, he said, highlighting the country's self-reliance and determination to excel in the field.

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