Iran Space Agency Sets Course for Expansion with Satellite Launch Plans

Iran Space Agency Sets Course for Expansion with Satellite Launch Plans

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iran's Space Agency is charting a course for expansion in the new Persian year, focusing on satellite launches, technological advancements, and bolstering international collaborations to elevate satellite capabilities.

Emphasizing significant milestones in satellite development and international collaboration, Head of Iran Space Agency Hassan Salariyeh highlighted the completion of the second sample of the Pars 1 satellite and the finalization of tests for the Nahid 2 and Saman 1 satellites as key objectives for the research institute in 1403 (2024 - 2025), signifying Iran's commitment to advancing its space capabilities and expanding its presence in the global satellite market.

Reflecting on the institute's achievements in the previous year, Salariyeh underscored the successful launch and deployment of several satellites, including Soraya, Mahda, and Pars 1.

He praised the correct performance of these satellites in orbit, which brought pride and encouragement to the institute's specialists.

Among the institute's notable accomplishments, Salariyeh mentioned the completion of the Nahid 2 satellite project and progress in the assembly and flight sample testing stage. Additionally, he highlighted initiatives such as providing internet services to pilgrims during Arbaeen and signing contracts for various satellite projects with both public and private sector entities.

Acknowledging the institute's research achievements, Salariyeh noted accolades such as receiving national prizes and upgrading its rank in research center rankings.

He emphasized the institute's active participation in national and international exhibitions, showcasing Iran's advancements in space technology.

Salariyeh highlighted the institute's commitment to innovation and infrastructure development, including the integration of one-ton satellites and the establishment of advanced testing centers.

Attributing the successes of the space sector to collective efforts, Salariyeh expressed confidence in the institute's ability to continue its achievements and pursue even greater milestones.

He stressed the importance of utilizing the country's capacities for satellite design and construction, as well as fostering collaboration with the private sector and knowledge-based companies.

The Iranian Space Agency's chief concluded by saying that among the agency's other significant projects for this year are the completion of the Pars-1 satellite's second prototype, the final testing of the Nahid-2 and Saman-1 satellites, and getting them ready for launch and international commercialization of their accomplishments.


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