Resistance Heartened by Iran’s Anti-Israeli Operation: Lebanese Cleric

Resistance Heartened by Iran’s Anti-Israeli Operation: Lebanese Cleric

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A Lebanese Shiite cleric lauded Iran for its legitimate retaliatory operation against the Israeli military targets, saying this mighty measure has emboldened the resistance front and demoralized the Zionist regime’s army and politicians.

In a meeting with the Iranian foreign minister in Tehran on Tuesday, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Islamic Assembly of Shiites of Lebanon Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib congratulated the Iranian Leader, government and people on the powerful and legitimate operation launched by the Iranian Armed Forces against the military targets of the aggressor Zionist regime.

He said the operation has cheered and raised the spirits of Muslim nations, especially Palestinian people and the resistance front, sapped the morale of Israeli military and political officials and military authorities, and reinforced unity in the Muslim world against Zionist aggressors, the ministry’s website reported.

Fortunately, the Lebanese official said, the issue of Palestine has once again turned into the number-one issue for all nations and elite in the Muslim world and across the globe from different religious and ethnic groups.

He added the recent developments proved the legitimacy of Iran’s principled positions against the Israeli regime, saying Iran holds its ground and stands firm in defending Palestine despite all the pressure exerted on the country.

Al-Khatib also expounded on the latest developments in Lebanon and touched upon the high spirits of the resistance front against the Zionist regime, underlining that Lebanese people are well aware of facts and realities, and despite efforts by enemies, they support the resistance front.

For his part, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian extended his warm greetings to resilient Lebanese people from different ethnic groups and paid homage to the souls of martyred resistance fighters, particularly those recently martyred in Lebanon in the fight against Israeli acts of aggression.

The top Iranian diplomat also described the Lebanese resistance front’s support for the Palestinian people as a source of honor and dignity.

Amirabdollahian further appreciated Sheikh Ali Al-Khatib’s role, efforts and stances in supporting the resistance front and boosting unity among different Lebanese ethnic groups and in fighting enemies’ acts of sedition, highlighting Lebanon’s key role and Lebanese people’s resistance in the trend of recent developments in the region.

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