US Reportedly Probing Israeli Killing of Palestinian Girl in Gaza

US Reportedly Probing Israeli Killing of Palestinian Girl in Gaza

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The US State Department will ask Israel for more information regarding the January killing of 6-year-old Palestinian Hind Rajab in Gaza, spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Tuesday.

This follows a Washington Post report that raised doubts about Israel's initial explanation, prompting calls for a comprehensive investigation.

The distressing incident unfolded as the young girl found herself trapped in a car with her deceased family members in Gaza. In a harrowing phone call to rescuers, amidst sounds of gunfire, she pleaded for assistance while Israeli forces approached.

It wasn't until 12 days later that relatives discovered her body, along with those of her aunt, uncle, and their three children, near an ambulance. Tragically, two ambulance workers attempting to aid her were also found dead.

According to The Washington Post, an inquiry revealed the presence of Israeli armored vehicles in the vicinity, contradicting the Israeli military’s assertion that their forces were not within firing range of the trapped car.

"We're going to go back to the government of Israel and ask them for further information," stated Miller during a press briefing. He described Hind Rajab's death as "an unspeakable tragedy, something that never should have occurred and never should occur."

"We would still welcome a full investigation into this matter and how it occurred in the first place," Miller emphasized.

US officials have claimed they are reviewing incidents of civilian harm in Israel's six-month-old war on Gaza as part of processes meant to ensure US-provided weapons are not used in breaches of international humanitarian law.

Regarding Hind Rajab's case, Miller highlighted that the United States had requested details from Israel's own investigation rather than conducting an independent review.

"That's what we'll be going back to them to do with the new details that were raised by the Washington Post," Miller concluded.

Hind’s story traveled around the world when a phone recording of what’s now understood to be her and her family’s final moments went viral on social media.

On the call, which lasted for about three hours, Hind begged rescue workers to come save her after the family’s car came under Israeli fire and she became the sole survivor, stranded inside with her dead relatives.

Two dispatchers with the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) sent to save her were also killed.

The PRCS has accused Israel of deliberately targeting the medical team despite back and forth between the organization and the army as the medics tried to get permission to evacuate Hind.

Hind and her cousins are just some of the thousands of children killed in Israel’s relentless war on Gaza in violation of international law. More than 33,800 people have died in Gaza since October 7.

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