Calm Prevails in Iran’s Isfahan, People Mock Report of Israeli Attack

Calm Prevails in Iran’s Isfahan, People Mock Report of Israeli Attack

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – People of Isfahan in Iran are enjoying a beautiful morning as full security and calm prevail in the city following media rumors that the Zionist regime has attacked the central province, the home to a number of Iranian nuclear facilities.

Speculation ran rampant on Friday morning that the Israeli regime has attacked a number of sites in Isfahan after a series of explosions were heard in the province.

The officials denied the rumor immediately afterwards, saying the air defense units have gone into firing mode because of the high sensitivity of the air defense facilities in the current situation and “probably” because a number of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) have been detected.

Tasnim’s reporter toured Isfahan on Friday morning, observing that everything is in the ordinary way at all civilian and military centers.

The situation is normal at the military air base and the airport of Isfahan, Tasnim learnt.




People have gone to the parks to enjoy a sunny spring morning, some have queued to buy Halim (a traditional Iranian broth eaten for breakfast), and many are making jokes about an Israeli attack.

In recent days, the Zionist regime has ratcheted up the rhetoric of military action against Iran after Tehran carried out a retaliatory operation against the Israeli military targets inside the occupied territories in response to a fatal airstrike that Israel launched on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1.

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