Israeli Military Accused of Hiding Crimes As Mass Graves Found at Nasser Hospital

Israeli Military Accused of Hiding Crimes As Mass Graves Found at Nasser Hospital

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The shocking discovery of mass graves beneath the ruins of Nasser Hospital unveils a disturbing chapter in the Israeli genocidal war in Gaza, with eyewitnesses recounting harrowing tales of executions and brutality perpetrated by the Zionist army.

At least 50 bodies have been unearthed from the mass grave within the hospital's courtyard, echoing accounts from medical staff and evacuees who describe a grim pattern of executions and indiscriminate violence at the hands of the Israeli military.

Eyewitness testimonies reveal chilling details of individuals being rounded up within the hospital premises, restrained, and subsequently killed through methods including quadcopter attacks and sniper fire, their bodies interred in the newly discovered mass grave.

This grim discovery at Nasser Hospital follows similar findings at other health facilities, including Al-Shifa Hospital and Kamal Adwan Hospital, underscoring a disturbing trend of violence and concealment by the Israeli military.

Concerns about the extent to which the Israeli military may be concealing evidence of crimes committed during its incursions are growing as more evidence of Israeli genocide in the Gaza Strip comes to light, sustaining a cycle of impunity and denial amid the ongoing war in the enclave.

The Israeli war has killed at least 34,049 Palestinians and wounded another 76,901 since October 7, according to the Gaza health ministry. At least two-thirds of casualties have been children and women.

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