13 Children of Same Family Among Dead in Israel’s Rafah Strikes

13 Children of Same Family Among Dead in Israel’s Rafah Strikes

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Thirteen children and two women, all from the same family, were killed in one of the two air strikes on southern Rafah overnight, as documented by Gaza hospital records, escalating concerns over Israel's military actions despite international disapproval.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, faces significant international resistance against his proposal for a ground invasion of Rafah. Despite mounting pressure to abandon these plans, Israel says it is going ahead with its offensive, ramping up air and artillery assaults on the densely populated southern Gaza region.

Survivors recount harrowing experiences amid the onslaught. Lana Zakout, 12, described the moment her home was attacked, saying, "We were sleeping and all of a sudden I heard my sister shouting and crying. The roof was coming down on our heads." She continued, "I thought I was dreaming, but when I opened my eyes it was all black and smoke. I was buried under the debris. Thirty minutes later, I was pulled out."

Rafah residents like Ahmed Barhoum express outrage at the inaction of the international community, stating, "This is an unjust world. This is a world deprived of all human values and morals. It only understands the language of power."

The ongoing Israeli war has resulted in staggering casualties, with Gaza's health ministry reporting 34,049 deaths and 76,901 injuries since October 7, with a disproportionate number being children and women.

Concerns mount over Israel's intentions to deploy troops to Rafah, the southernmost city where a significant portion of the enclave's 1.5 million inhabitants seek refuge from Israeli violence.

Foreign ministers of the Group of 7 have unequivocally voiced their opposition to a "full-scale military operation in Rafah," citing the potential "catastrophic consequences" for civilians.

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