Iran Achieves Huge Strategic Success in Retaliatory Strike on Israel: Analyst

Iran Achieves Huge Strategic Success in Retaliatory Strike on Israel: Analyst

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – In a recent dialogue involving an expert and former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia Chas Freeman, observations were made regarding Israel's recent provocations and Iran's response, indicating a notable shift in the regional dynamic.

Freeman remarked on Israel's diminishing credibility, highlighting widespread skepticism of its actions. The recent attack on Iranian embassy in Damascus by Israel was seen as a breach of international norms, yet it went uncondemned by key Western powers.

Iran's retaliatory strike, meticulously executed with precision targeting military sites, showcased its capability to challenge Israel's defenses effectively. Despite Israeli attempts to downplay the impact, Iran's calculated response underscored its strategic prowess.




Moreover, Iran's ability to neutralize American forces in the Persian Gulf through warnings to regional allies demonstrated its growing influence and strategic acumen.

Freeman said that while the Iranian attack might seem insignificant in terms of casualties or damage, its strategic implications are profound, as Iran's assertive response has left Israel facing a dilemma, challenging its assumption of impunity in the region.

The failure of Israel's provocations to elicit the desired response underscores a shift in the regional power dynamics, with Iran emerging as a formidable player.

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