Iran Blacklists UK, US Persons, Entities for Role in War on Gaza

Iran Blacklists UK, US Persons, Entities for Role in War on Gaza

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran imposed sanctions on a number of American and British individuals and institutions for their complicity with the Israeli regime in the brutal onslaught against the Gaza Strip.

In two statements released on Thursday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the sanctions have been imposed in conformity with the “Law on Countering the Violation of Human Rights and Adventurous and Terrorist Activities of the United States in the Region" (2017).

It said the designated persons and institutions have been sanctioned for supporting and financing the Zionist regime’s terrorist acts, glorification and supporting terrorism and gross violations of human rights against the Palestinian people, particularly the people of Gaza.

The American institutions placed under sanctions for complicity in the Israeli regime’s heinous acts against the Palestinians include:

-The Lockheed Martin Corporation, due to its involvement in supplying weaponry to Israeli regime;

- The General Dynamics due to supplying 155 mm bullet to Israeli regime;

- The Skydio Engineering Company, due to provision of drones to Israeli regime;

- The Chevron Corporation due to assisting Israeli regime in exploitation of gas wells in the eastern Mediterranean. The revenue of this exploitation is being used by the regime to launch offensive against the Palestinians especially in the Gaza strip;

- The Kharon Company, due to its role in sanctioning Hamas by the United States Department of Treasury and its endeavor to cut off Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s access to the network for transfer of crypto currency under pretext of money laundering.

The list of US individuals blacklisted by the Iranian Foreign Ministry includes:

- Jason Greenblatt: The executive vice president and chief legal officer to Donald Trump and the Trump Organization and his advisor on Israel;

- Michael Rubin: A senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute;

- Jason Brodsky: The policy director of United against Nuclear Iran (UANI);

- Clifford D. May: The founder and president of FDD;

- Bryan P. Fenton: A United States Army general who serves as the 13th commander of the United States Special Operations Command;

- Brad Cooper: Commander, US Naval Forces Central Command/ FIFTH Fleet;

- Gregory J. Hayes: CEO of RTX Corporation.

“In the light of the above and considering the provisions of the Act on Countering Violations of Human Rights and Adventurist and Terrorist Actions of the United States of America in the Region, all relevant national authorities will take appropriate measures for effective implementation of the sanctions stipulated in the Act,” the ministry said.

In another statement, the Foreign Ministry of Iran imposed sanctions on a number of UK individuals and entities in conformity with the "Law on Countering the Hostile Activities of the Zionist Regime against Peace and Security", ratified by the Iranian Parliament in May 2020.

It cited the role of the British persons and institutions in the facilitation of the Israeli regime’s actions, including committing terrorist acts against regional and international peace and security, systematic violation of human rights, warmongering, use of heavy weaponry and prohibited weapons against civilian, displacement of the Palestinian people, expansion of illegal settlements in occupied territories, and continuation of occupation.

The UK entities and individuals blacklisted by Iran include:

-RAF Akrotiri Royal Air force in Cyprus

-UK Royal Navy in Red Sea HMC Diamond

-Elbit system Company

-Parker Meggitt Company

-UK Rafael Company

-Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Defense of the United Kingdom

-James Hockenhull, Commander of the British Army Strategic Command

-Sharon Nesmith, Deputy Chief of the General Staff

-Paul Raymond Griffiths, Assistant chief of the General Staff

-Adrian Bird, Director of Defense Intelligence of British Army

-Richard Kemp, Commander of UK Royal Navy in Red Sea HMC Richmond

-Simon Cloke, Commander of RAF Akrotiri Royal Air Force

-Peter Ivans, Commander of UK Royal navy in Red Sea HMC Diamond

“All relevant national institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, consistent with the regulations adopted by the related authorities, will take appropriate measures, which are blocking of accounts and transactions in the Iranian financial and banking systems, blocking of assets within the jurisdiction of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as prohibition of visa issuance and entry to the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for effective implementation of the above-mentioned sanctions,” the ministry said.

“Obviously, the sanctions do not exempt the persons from prosecution for their involvement in criminal activities at competent courts. While imposing the sanctions, the Islamic Republic of Iran holds the British government responsible and accountable for supporting terrorism and violation of human rights,” it concluded.

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