Aid Flow to Gaza Halted As Israeli Forces Tighten Control over Rafah

Aid Flow to Gaza Halted As Israeli Forces Tighten Control over Rafah

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A halt in aid flow to Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt ensued as Israeli forces assumed control of the Palestinian side, according to humanitarian sources.

Amid escalating Israeli violence, fears of a humanitarian crisis mount in Rafah, prompting urgent calls for intervention.

Humanitarian relief sources revealed to Reuters that shipments of essential supplies to Gaza have ceased, exacerbating concerns of an impending catastrophe in Rafah. The United Nations has repeatedly cautioned against the dire consequences of a ground invasion by Israel, highlighting Rafah's vulnerability as a last refuge for Palestinians.

Reports from Al Jazeera Arabic indicate that casualties continue to rise, with three individuals killed in an Israeli air strike on a residence belonging to the al-Darbi family. Overnight bombardments have claimed the lives of at least twelve others in separate attacks on Rafah, intensifying the city's plight.

The escalation of Israeli military assaults has left residents of Rafah in a state of distress and uncertainty. With internal displacement becoming a grim reality, the city's population grapples with the looming threat of further violence.

Israeli military actions have targeted residential areas, raising fears of widespread destruction akin to the devastation witnessed in Khan Younis. The severity of the situation was underscored by firsthand accounts of a night marked by relentless violence and destruction.

The seizure of the Rafah crossing by Israeli forces signifies a strategic move to isolate Gaza from essential humanitarian aid. The crossing, a vital lifeline for supplies, now stands as a symbol of the region's vulnerability amid escalating Israeli hostilities.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is under increasing domestic pressure after Hamas accepted a ceasefire proposal brokered by Qatar and Egypt. Demonstrations in Tel Aviv reflect the public's desire for government intervention to secure the release of captives and end the cycle of violence in Gaza, which has left at least 34,735 people killed and 78,108 wounded since October 7.

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