Palestinian Resistance Targets Israeli Military Vehicles, Inflicts Casualties

Palestinian Resistance Targets Israeli Military Vehicles, Inflicts Casualties

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Palestinian resistance operations resulted in the destruction of 18 Israeli military vehicles, causing casualties among Zionist forces in Gaza, according to statements released by the resistance.

The Al-Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas resistance group, shared a video on Tuesday showcasing their targeting of Israeli soldiers and vehicles east of Jabalia camp in northern Gaza.

The footage depicted the use of Yasin-105 anti-tank shells against enemy vehicles, as well as strikes on fortified shelters housing Israeli soldiers with anti-tank rockets.

Additionally, the video displayed attacks on buildings where Israeli forces had sought cover, using anti-fortification TBG shells.




The confrontation escalated with the targeting of a Zionist sniper barricaded in a house, leading to armed clashes between the Palestinian fighters and the fortified Israeli forces inside.

Furthermore, the Palestinian resistance captured an Israeli army drone engaged in espionage operations during the operation.

In a separate incident, eight Israeli soldiers were ambushed in Jabalia camp, resulting in casualties among them.

Meanwhile, in Rafah, shells and explosives destroyed an Israeli Merkava tank and several armored vehicles.

The escalation follows Israel's crackdown in Gaza starting October 7, prompted by a historic operation by the Palestinian resistance against Israeli aggression.

Since then, Israeli aggression have led to the deaths of over 35,170 Palestinians in Gaza, predominantly women and children.

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