Israel Confirms Hezbollah Attack on Military Facility Housing Spy Balloon

Israel Confirms Hezbollah Attack on Military Facility Housing Spy Balloon

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Israel confirmed that Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has carried out an attack on a sensitive military installation, targeting a major surveillance balloon known as Sky Dew.

The Israeli military disclosed on Thursday that an explosive-laden Hezbollah drone struck an Israeli airbase located approximately 35 kilometers from the northern border between occupied territories and Lebanon.

This operation marks Hezbollah’s most significant strike within the occupied lands since Israel initiated its genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, as reported by Israeli media outlets. Prior to this operation, Hezbollah had launched projectiles toward Israeli targets within a range of about 15 kilometers from the border.

Earlier this week, Hezbollah declared that it had successfully targeted and destroyed an Israeli surveillance balloon, deployed for reconnaissance over the settlement of Adamit. The resistance group claimed responsibility for striking the balloon’s launch site, control mechanism, and personnel, resulting in casualties among Israeli soldiers.

Hezbollah said the operation was a response to recent Israeli attacks on southern villages and civilian residences in Lebanon. Tensions between Hezbollah and Israel escalated in early October, following Israel’s offensive in Gaza triggered by a surprise operation by Palestinian resistance forces.

Amid ongoing clashes, Hezbollah has pledged to continue its retaliatory operations as long as Israel persists with its Gaza campaign, which has led to substantial civilian casualties. According to reports, the Israeli war has resulted in the deaths of over 35,000 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, with over 79,000 others sustaining injuries.

Having repelled two Israeli invasions in 2000 and 2006, Hezbollah remains steadfast in its resistance against Israeli aggression, compelling the occupation’s military to retreat in humiliation on both occasions.

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