Israeli Attacks Injure Thirteen in Jabalia As Intensified Assaults Continue

Israeli Attacks Injure Thirteen in Jabalia As Intensified Assaults Continue

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Thirteen Palestinians were injured in Israeli attacks on the Jabalia refugee camp, as heavy air strikes and military operations continue in northern Gaza.

Israeli forces persist in aggressive military operations, with escalating assaults also reported in Rafah city, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

As Israeli forces escalate their assault in Gaza, thirteen people injured in attacks on Jabalia refugee camp have been transported to al-Awda Hospital, situated nearby. The assault on Jabalia, characterized by intense air strikes and ground operations, has left many residents confined within the camp.

Israeli military operations in northern Gaza continue unabated, with large-scale air strikes and ground attacks persisting in the Jabalia refugee camp. In southern Rafah city, Israeli forces extended their reach, launching overnight attacks on residential areas in Barbara refugee camp, aiming to expand their offensive to the city's western parts, prompting further displacement.

Israeli regime officers have described the current fighting in Jabalia in northern Gaza as some of the most intense of the war to date, as Palestinian fighters maintain their highest daily attack rates so far, monitors say.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and the Critical Threats Project (CTP) reported that Israeli commanders have labeled Jabalia as the site of the "most violent" confrontations. Palestinian fighters utilize the camp's narrow alleyways to launch attacks, employing rocket-propelled grenades and explosive devices.

Palestinian fighters reported launching 22 attacks on Israeli troops in Jabalia, compelling the enemy to alter their supply lines multiple times, as per statements from US-based defense think tanks. Meanwhile, Israeli forces maintain operations in the eastern parts of Rafah city, while Palestinian fighters strike Israeli command positions with rockets and mortars.

Throughout the night, Jabalia refugee camp endured continuous artillery shelling, with reports from Al Jazeera Arabic indicating drone attacks and missile strikes by jet fighters resulting in casualties. Additionally, missiles targeted the Faisal bin Fahd School, located west of the camp, resulting in casualties. Southern Gaza witnessed further strikes, with fatalities reported following attacks on residences in central Rafah and the Ma’an areas of Khan Younis.

The ongoing Israeli operation in Rafah has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis, displacing over 630,000 individuals and disrupting vital aid to the Strip. With the return of Israeli forces to Jabalia, residents find themselves trapped within evacuation zones amidst fierce battles, exacerbating the already dire situation.

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