Leader: Assembly of Experts Demonstration of Islamic Democracy

Leader: Assembly of Experts Demonstration of Islamic Democracy

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Describing Iran’s Assembly of Experts as a demonstration of Islamic democracy, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei invited the awakened consciences to compare the experiences of Islamic Republic and the so-called "liberal" Western governments.

Ayatollah Khamenei sent a message to the opening ceremony of the Assembly of Experts’ sixth term, in which he elaborated on the logic behind the formation of this assembly and invited awakened consciences around the world to draw a comparison between the experiences of Islamic Republic and the so called "liberal" Western governments.

The following is the full text of the message, published by Khamani.ir on May 21:

“In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

All praise is due to God, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master, Muhammad al-Mustafa, and his pure Progeny, his chosen companions, and all those who follow them in goodness until the Day of Judgment.

I am grateful to the Almighty, Wise God for bestowing upon the great Iranian nation the opportunity to establish the sixth term of the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership. This Assembly stands as one of the fundamental pillars of our democratic Islamic system. It is periodically reinforced by the capable hands of the nation, thus safeguarding the system's integrity and continuity. The esteemed, elected members of this Assembly, through divine providence and with the effort of the people, have found the opportunity to take on one of the best roles in strengthening the steel chain of leadership within the system. They have a duty to be thankful to God and appreciative of the people for this blessing.

The Assembly of Experts is a demonstration of Islamic democracy. The responsibility of selecting the Leader in accordance with Islamic principles rests with this Assembly, which itself is elected by the people. The criteria are Islamic, and the selection process itself is carried out by the people. This is the clearest defining feature and sign of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In an Islamic system, governance is carried out by the people, while the objectives are divine.

The objectives encompass justice, human dignity, the flourishing of the earth, the enrichment of time, and ultimately, a monotheistic lifestyle and the elevation of humanity to a station of closeness to God. The means to achieving these goals includes using collective wisdom and experience; employing the minds, languages, and skills of everyone; and taking firm steps.

Quranic and Islamic knowledge has gifted an intelligent approach to its followers. It has intertwined and brought together divine law [Sharia] with rationality, and the unseen with the perceptible.

This is a remarkable, captivating phenomenon in the field of macro policies, and contemplation over the bitter realities of anti-religious or secular systems will further enhance its [an Islamic system’s] appeal day by day.

Our universal call to the awakened consciences in the world is to see the failed experience of systems that claim to have justice and freedom but are alien to religious spirituality. Let them see the rampant oppression, discrimination, and corruption; the destruction of moral security; the weakening of the family unit; the devaluation of women's dignity and their roles as wives and mothers; the dominance of biased agendas over truthful information in the media; and the countless other knots that plague the spheres of influence in these hypocritical, deceitful, oppressive systems. And then they should reflect on the comprehensive, sound, problem-solving system of Islamic governance.

Today, the tragedy in Gaza and the brutal genocide being committed by the usurping Zionist regime; the massacre of thousands of defenseless, unarmed children, women, and men; and the subsequent support and backing of this bloodthirsty wolf by so-called "liberal" Western governments have exposed the true meaning of Western freedom and human rights to awakened consciences.

Today presents a fresh opportunity for those working in the Islamic Republic and all its supporters to demonstrate the truth of this great phenomenon - both in their speech and action - to truth-seekers around the world.

Once again, I pray to Almighty God for the success of this honorable Assembly.

I deem it necessary to honor the memory of the late, honorable President [Raisi], as well as the esteemed Friday Prayer Leader of Tabriz. Both of them were members of this Assembly. I pray to God, the Merciful, for the elevation of their status.

May God’s greetings and mercy be upon you.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei

May 20, 2024”

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