Iran Highlights Support for Peace in Balkan Region at UNGA

Iran Highlights Support for Peace in Balkan Region at UNGA

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Iran's Ambassador to the UN Amir Saeed Iravani reiterated the Islamic Republic's commitment to fostering peace, stability, and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkan region.

"Iran stands firm in its support for peace, stability, and security in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans," Iravani stated, highlighting the importance of peaceful coexistence among all ethnic and religious groups in the area.

Iravani expressed gratitude for the condolences extended to Iran following the loss of President Raisi, Foreign Minister Amirabdollahian, and their companions. He acknowledged the widespread respect and love the Iranian people held for these figures, whose dedication to serving the nation was exemplary.

Iravani asserted that Iran condemns atrocious crimes, including the tragic events in Srebrenica,, affirming Tehran's support for the victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide. He emphasized the importance of honoring and remembering the victims, calling for global solidarity and rejection of atrocious crimes.

Iravani also paid tribute to Iranian nationals who lost their lives while assisting the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Srebrenica massacre. He criticized the international community's failure to prevent the tragedy, describing it as a dark chapter in human history.

Reiterating Iran's commitment to peace and stability in the region, Iravani stressed the importance of respecting territorial integrity and adopting inclusive approaches to conflict resolution.

Iravani made that the suffering of millions of Iranians during the 1917-1919 genocide due to a certain foreign country's political agenda must not be forgotten, drawing attention to historical atrocities. He highlighted the responsibility of certain Western countries for their role in the Srebrenica tragedy.

“The fact remains; that those countries who should bear responsibility together with NATO, for their failure that plunged Srebrenica into catastrophe back in 1995, are now among the sponsors of this resolution,” he said.

Iravani urged vigilance regarding the intentions of certain Western countries, citing the situation in Palestine, in particular the catastrophic situation in Gaza, as evidence of double standards in international relations.

Addressing the ongoing crisis in Palestine, Iravani emphasized the United Nations' obligation to protect Palestinian rights and prevent similar tragedies from recurring.

Urging collective action to uphold peace and justice, Iravani concluded that "the United Nations should not make the same mistake it made in 1995," adding that by adopting this resolution, the painful lessons of the past, which have indeed cost a high toll to be learned, should compel humanity to avoid, prevent, and stop the recurrence of similar catastrophes."


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