Hackers Seek Ransom after Breaching Israel's Largest Real Estate Website

Hackers Seek Ransom after Breaching Israel's Largest Real Estate Website

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Hackers have breached Israel's largest real estate website, Madeleine, extracting and erasing all data from its servers and demanding a ransom, according to a Hebrew-language media report.

The economic newspaper "The Marker," affiliated with "Haaretz," reported that Madeleine, one of Israel's largest real estate websites, has fallen into the hands of hackers along with all its data.

According to The Marker, Madeleine, which provides users with information about the real estate market in Israeli occupied territories, was subjected to a cyber-attack last Friday.

The hackers succeeded in accessing the site's servers, extracting all its information, and then deleting it.

The Marker reported that the site's data was hosted by one of Israel's largest cloud providers and confirmed that the hackers are seeking ransom.

According to the report, users have had trouble accessing the website since Friday, and it appears that its administrators took it offline as a precautionary measure and contacted cyber protection authorities.

The Marker acknowledged that this action has severe consequences for the site, as its activities involve facilitating real estate transactions and providing users with information and data on market transactions and prices.

Additionally, the site had created a large database from various sources, including social networks, commercial information, and public municipality data.

The site's clients, whether housing sector specialists, real estate brokers, or ordinary buyers, could use it to find their desired home or apartment in their area of interest.

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