Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Stand Firm at University of Toronto despite Trespass Notice (+Video)

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Stand Firm at University of Toronto despite Trespass Notice (+Video)

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Pro-Palestinian demonstrators who have maintained a camp at the University of Toronto in Canada for the past 25 days stood resolute in their protest on Monday, despite university officials issuing a trespass notice last Friday.

University officials had ordered the demonstrators to dismantle their encampment by 8 a.m. Monday, but the student-led protesters affirmed they would not disperse until their demands were addressed.

Meric Gertler, president of the University of Toronto, announced on Monday through an online statement that the university's legal team had taken action by seeking an injunction order from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. He further requested an expedited case conference for scheduling.




As Gertler's statement circulated online, protesters and their supporters, including university faculty and staff, and members of the Ontario Federation of Labour, were gathered for a rally.

Speaking to the crowd, Sara Rasikh, one of the demonstration's spokespeople, highlighted the prolonged efforts to engage the university in dialogue prior to setting up the encampment. She emphasized the perceived reluctance of the university to respond until faced with direct action.

Rasikh articulated the demonstrators' stance, stating, "The university has made it clear they want to clear this encampment, they have issued us a trespass notice and now an injunction, and the reason for this is because the people's strength is threatening to them. It is threatening to the legitimacy of this institution."

The organizers of the demonstration have demanded that the university sever its connections with Israel, divest from companies profiting from Israel's offensive in Gaza, and end partnerships with Israeli academic institutions complicit in the genocidal war.

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