Israeli Military Moves Further into Rafah by Taking Control of Philadelphi Corridor

Israeli Military Moves Further into Rafah by Taking Control of Philadelphi Corridor

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Israeli regime military’s incursion into Rafah deepened, amplifying Gaza’s suffering.

Over the past three days, airstrikes on Rafah, including the al-Mawasi evacuation zone, have intensified.

Supported by relentless air assaults and heavy artillery barrages, Israeli forces are pushing into the city. The Kuwaiti Hospital lies in ruins, and most field hospitals are non-operational.

Now, the regime's military has seized control of the Philadelphi Corridor and is advancing into the city's western sector. Residents, already displaced once, are forced to relocate again amid the chaos of conflict. Yet, safety remains elusive amidst pervasive bombings, extending beyond Rafah to Khan Younis and across the Gaza Strip.

Returning Palestinians to Khan Younis encounter scenes of utter devastation, their homes reduced to rubble. Kamal Abu Tuaima, a resident, laments the loss of his life's work to Israeli destruction. He questions who will be held accountable for these injustices.

Recent hours have witnessed intensified assaults near the Egyptian border, as Israeli forces advance along the Philadelphi Corridor. Families in central Rafah are trapped, imperiled by artillery fire, while quadcopters hinder their escape. From northeast to northwest, tent camps face relentless attacks, exacerbating an already dire situation amid widespread destruction.

UNICEF warns that Israel's offensive in Rafah imperils the lives of 600,000 displaced children, many suffering from malnutrition or disability. Urgent calls for a ceasefire resonate, echoing the plea to alleviate the children's plight.

According to Gaza's Health Ministry, the toll from Israeli attacks continues to rise, with over 36,000 Palestinians killed and 81,000 wounded since October 7. In the latest 24-hour period alone, 75 people were slaughtered, and 284 sustained injured.

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