Morocco Uses AI in Its Courts

Morocco Uses AI in Its Courts

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Morocco said Tuesday that it has started using artificial intelligence (AI) in courts across the North African country.

“AI has introduced significant changes worldwide,” Justice Minister Abdellatif Ouahbi said during a meeting of the Justice Committee in the House of Representatives (the first chamber of parliament).

"We have purchased an AI program and handed it over to the President of the Supreme Judicial Council for distribution among judges. This program transcribes the judges' verdicts instead of them writing them manually,” he added, Anadolu Agency reported.

The Moroccan minister said that the integration of AI aims to “facilitate the work of lawyers and judges.”

He explained that the program would enable legal professionals to search through archives of legal texts and judicial precedents efficiently.

On May 14, Ouahbi said his ministry was drafting a law to regulate the use of AI in Morocco.

The legislation aims to prevent issues similar to those experienced with social media, “where personal privacy is often not respected,” he added.

Morocco plans to host a conference in September to explore international AI practices and establish a legal framework for AI regulation, according to Ouahbi.

Last February, Morocco announced the establishment of two AI and digitalization schools in the cities of Taroudant and Berkane, marking a pioneering initiative in the country.

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